About the App

We all know that the Android OS is a sea of possibilities and a great range of freedom. At the same time, there are also a lot of problems. The cause of the problems is most often the diversity of the fauna of the Android planet. It is not easy to create a product, which will work on different versions of Android, on devices with different performance levels, developed on different SoC (Snapdragon, Exynos, Kirin, MediaTek). Even the proportions of the screen can make life very difficult for a developer. 

There are two kinds of developers in the market of applications for this OS.

The first ones give their applications a lot of possibilities, but control the performance is shifted to the user.

Others are trying to limit the user’s access to everything that may not work correctly. Most often, this applies to those developers who are engaged in porting applications from Apple’s iOS operating system. That is where the policy of restrictions prevails.

We try to take the best from both. In other words, we take some of the control over the functionality of the application and leave some of it to the user. In this way, we try to cover as many Android devices as possible and find a certain balance, so that both flagman-devices and modest models are able to shoot mobile movies.

Until recently, there was only one king in the world of mobile video. Over the years, he has gathered many fans who still worship only him by habit to this day. No one else previously thought to claim his crown. But in vain.

Today, we’re proud to be slowly but surely changing the balance of power in the world of mobile video. And many Android devices have the opportunity to talk about mobile video recording more seriously. We aim to keep going in the same direction.

The advantages of the mcpro24fps app are based on the developer’s deep knowledge of the topics of shooting and processing video, the operation of camera sensors and the principles of Log profiles, knowledge of non-linear editing programs, color correction and color grading. Ongoing practical research allows us to improve the quality of the application.

At that moment, the application requires Android OS 7 and higher. The minimum OS version may increase in the future.

For using GPU OpenGL ES 3.1 is required.