Full Specification


  • Multiple cameras support (where it is possible)
  • Settings for each of the cameras are saved separately


  • Recording in 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, 60 fps etc.*
  • Recording in 10-bit for a large number of devices (list of devices below).
  • Recording HLG / HDR10 HDR video
  • Support for all resolutions specified in the Camera2 API
  • Two codecs support: AVC (h264) and HEVC (h265)
  • Recording up to 500 Mb/s*
  • Optical and digital video image stabilization*
  • Setting up Log profiles through a tone curve*
  • Recording video in Log without turning on the GPU, like it is on “big” cameras
  • Huge number of Log modes for any situation
  • Tone curve adjustment via GPU
  • Image adjustment through additional GPU filters
  • Settings for hardware noise reduction, hardware sharpness, hardware correction of hot pixels
  • Additional noise reduction through the GPU
  • Configuring GOP
  • Different modes of white balance
  • Manual exposure mode and automatic exposure mode
  • Adjustment of automatic exposure correction
  • Three Focus modes: automatic continuous, automatic on touch, manual focus
  • Three perfect modes of crop-Zoom function
  • Programmable Focus and Zoom and how they work together
  • Variable bitrate mode and experimental constant bitrate mode
  • Adjustment of distortion correction
  • Deanamorphing and work with attached lenses
  • Technical LUTs for seamless interpretation of Log in post-production


  • Support for different sound sources. Sound recording via Bluetooth devices
  • Support for different sampling rates, AAC (up to 510 kb/s) and WAV (up to 192000Hz)
  • Ability to integrate WAV into MP4


  • Сustomizable interface
  • Counter of dropped frames
  • Counter of video size inside the record button
  • Convenient manual focus control
  • Double-tap zooming to increase the preview for more accurate focusing in manual focus mode
  • Ability to limit manual focus from above and below (double tap on the limiter button)
  • Convenient crop-zoom control
  • Saving presets of Log profiles
  • Saving presets of GPU curve profiles
  • Manual and auto-lock automatic white balance
  • Ability to save presets of white balance settings
  • Setting up the white balance in Kelvins
  • Manual and automatic blocking of auto exposure
  • In the manual exposure mode, it is possible to change the shutter speed to a multiple of 50 and 60 hertz
  • Flashlight*
  • Fixing the orientation of the camera
  • Two types of histograms: luminance and RGB
  • Focus Peaking and Expo Peaking for the complete frame control
  • Spectral and Zebra for easy exposure control. Zebra Limits Adjustment
  • Eleven types of mesh
  • Deanamorphic preview (video remains elongated)
  • Start / stop recording on the volume buttons or a separate camera button
  • Three types of screen brightness
  • Ability to select the medium where the video will be saved (for recording to an SD card, you need a very fast card)
  • Selecting the size of a separate piece of video (on many devices there is a 4GB limit)
  • Ability to write video in pieces with overlapping or one by one
  • Indication of the focus position in the automatic continuous focus mode
  • Automatically save most settings
  • On-screen LUT for precise control of the frame when shooting
  • Advanced work with metadata

*depends on the capabilities of the device and approvals from the manufacturer for 3rd-party applications.

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Buy the App on

Google Play: http://bit.ly/mcpro24fps​
Amazon: http://bit.ly/mcpro24fpsamzn
Huawei AppGallery: http://bit.ly/mcpro24fpshua

10-bit recording is avalable on:

Sony Snapdragon 855/865/888
LG from V35
Asus Snapdragon 855/865/888
Samsung Snapdragon 855/865/888 / Exynos from S10e with OneUI 2.5 and above
Xiaomi Snapdragon 855/860/865/888 / Snapdragon 845 on Android 9 (few models)
OnePlus 7 on Android 11 and above, OnePlus 8 and above

If your device is on the list above, but you do not find the “Color Depth” switch in the application, write to us, and in 99% of cases with the next update 10 bits will become available for your device.