Frequently Asked Questions

There is no trial version but you can buy it in the Google Play Market, try it and return it within 48 hours if something doesn’t work on your phone correctly. Google will refund your money. Amazon AppStore and Huawei AppGallery do not provide such an opportunity. Also, you can always ask you questions in our Telegram chat.

The app has its own official YouTube channel. There you can find our special playlist with educational videos about using mcpro24fps and its functions. Don’t forget to subscribe us!

Almost all manufacturers carefully hide access to sensors for external programs, except access to the main and front cameras. At the same time, the mcpro24fps app often sees even more than the phone manufacturer allowed it. And if there are still invisible modules in your phone, then 99.9% that they can’t be activated and used in a third-party application.

You can find a special app in our Telegram chat using request #camera2info. This app will show you all information about your camera module. Also use requests #camera2info2/3/4 to get different versions if the main version of the app doesn’t work correctly on your phone.

In short: the stock camera is an application written by the manufacturer of the device. It always has maximum access and opportunities. Third-party applications have access only to those functions that the manufacturer has opened for them.

More details: Access to these functions depends on the version of the API: Camera API (hal1) and Camera2 API (hal3). Some functions may only be available in one version of the API. This situation often happens with 60fps mode when it is available in the Camera API and is not available in the Camera2 API. Mcpro24fps supports only Camera2 API. Also, the 60fps mode is often only available in the automatic exposure mode. This is a hardware limitation that cannot be known in advance.

In relation to Xiaomi phones, we very often hear that digital stabilization works in the stock app and in the GCam app. But we rarely (more precisely, never) hear that manual settings can be applied there and there.
If there is a choice of digital stabilization available in the program, but it does not work, this is a problem with the camera libraries. On Xiaomi devices digital stabilization can only be started by launching a native capture session. mcpro24fps is not ready for this kind of crutches. And the second point is that it makes no sense, because there can be no manual settings anyway, the camera libraries do not imply this.

Yes, it does.
It all depends on the GPU used and how the manufacturer uses it in conjunction with the sensor. When the GPU is activated, digital stabilization can be turned off, the strength of the noise reduction effect can change, and the color space can change. The GPU is always processing and modifying the signal, even if the signal is just passing through the GPU.
Turning on the GPU allows you to adjust various settings that affect the signal, which are not available without it. While dimming is available without a GPU, things like chroma and discoloration of highlights and shadows are not. Saturation, shadow and highlight adjustments can also work differently. The GPU provides many possibilities for obtaining the finished image. But it also takes away features like 10-bit recording.

Today 10 bits are available for a small number of devices that support Hevc Main10Hdr10. These are Sony Xperia 1/5 / 1II / 5II, LG from V35, Samsung S10 / S20 (Snapdragon), Xiaomi Mi9 / Mi9T / Mi9 Pro / Mi9T Pro (but only Rec709). Perhaps there are others, but now it is difficult to remember them all. Also 10 bits video recording can be limited to 3840×2160 resolution.

We observed that on Mi9T and other Xiaomi devices with a processor lower than Snapdragon 855 10 bits are available only up to 10 Android. More often on the 9th.

You can always write your question in our Telegram chat or write e-mail. Do not forget to write the model of your phone with its type of processor and graphic core. Example: Xiaomi Mi9 Lite/Snapdragon 710/Adreno 660

There are few simple ways to support mcpro24fps: